Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandma's Legacy

We were at Grandma's funeral, and Tim and I were both holding up well. We were very glad she was no longer suffering.

Tim saw her the day before she died and knew he didn't want that for her. I hadn't seen her in her last two weeks, but I could picture what she was going through: my great-grandmother died of cancer and Tim's grandma always reminded me of my own sweet grandma.

Tim's brother, the pastor, was saying something about one of Grandma's attributes-kind or generous, I'm not sure, when Tim leaned over to me. "Grandma had an anniversary card for us, but she never got to send it."

That was more than I could take. Our anniversary was Friday the 7th; she went to an assisted care facility on the 6th. Even in those last days she was thinking of us. That's how I want to be when I grow up; I have so far to go, but Grandma can show me the way and then I can teach our boys...

I can't even type this without my eyes tearing up and my throat growing a hard lump. Oh, she will be missed!

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Deanna said...

I hope I can be remembered so fondly after I go Home. Your kind words are a sign of a life well-lived.