Tuesday, August 04, 2009


One thing I think it interesting about my boys is that they are really into playing the Wii LEGO games. Right now they are on a Star Wars kick and are farther than Tim (but Tim hasn't played since the weather got nice).

They love earning new people and are super excited when that happens. Eli and Noah have actually started to work together to get a level accomplished, which is fun instead of Eli yelling at Noah to walk with him. Although I did find that entertaining too. I'm a little demented.

They have no concept that Star Wars is a movie and that the game was made because of the movie. Tim and I aren't "into" Star Wars so they really have no reference other than playing Wii.

One day Eli was talking about the game and he was talking about a particular person and he said what it was called but I didn't pay much attention. Then I caught a glimpse of it, it was, of course, and I quote, "Tie-yoda." You know, like the car, Tie-yoda.


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may the tie-yoda be with you!

I never watched star wars till I married Dave. Now it is a top pick for movies around here. Now I know more about star wars than I ever cared to know!

my boys are into wii lego star wars too. Though Aunt Minka and Uncle Jason let them borrow lego indiana jones, now they can't decide what to play.