Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Saturday was my birthday and when Noah realized we weren't having a party, he was a little disappointed. He wondered how I would get presents without a party.

I asked him if he had a present for me. Indeed, he did not. I said he could make me a card and something like a bracelet. He liked the bracelet idea and decided to make me two.

I got out the beads and string and put in a knot. He proceeded to string a bracelet. It was too long so we took a few beads off and I tried it on. Just right. I tied it up.

As he's eyeing his creation, "That might fit me."

"Yeah, it might. Do you want to try it on?"


Tries it on.

"It fits." He admires his handiwork. "I think I'll keep this for me and make you a different one."

The different one never got made and I got nothing. Gotta love living in a house of boys!


Jessica said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day despite being in a family full of boys! :)

Jodie said...

Boys will be boys!
happy birthday!

Deanna said...

It's the thought that counts, right? :)