Tuesday, September 01, 2009


We're fully entrenched in soccer these days. And I love it. And also? I'm one of "those" moms. You know the ones. The ones who are yelling (encouragement) the whole game. Also one of those moms who has a hard time watching her three other boys while she's cheering.

The first game, Eli was playing defense and the ball was on their end of the field so it was pretty intense and I kind of forgot about Jesse until one of the other moms says, "Hey-there goes your little one!" She jumps up as I spin around to look to see if she's talking to me and she's chasing Jesse across the field. I jumped up and ran after as everyone else was laughing: as soon as Jesse realized he was being chased he took off like lightning!

I'm doing better with watching Jesse. I promise!

During the games they have the consession stand open. That first game Noah, Simon and another little brother of a boy on Eli's team all hung around the consession stand like a bunch of groupies at the stage door after a concert. Peeking in to get a glimpse of food, smelling the smells of concession stand food; it was like they were addicted to it.

For the second game we were getting everyone in the car when I saw Noah was carrying a little bag with a drawstring. "Are you taking that Noah?"
"What's in it?"
"Why are you taking money?"
"I'm taking money so I can buy something at the kick stand."
I stifle a laugh and say, "Well we'll have to see how much things cost once we get there and see how much money you have to see if you can buy something at the concession stand. It's called a concession stand."
"Oh, okay."

Simon also had a handful of coins he wanted to take to buy something. Tim checked out the prices once we were there. A bag of popcorn was $.50 so we helped the Noah and Simon decide to each put in twenty five cents and share a bag of popcorn. It was a pretty good deal. They also shared with their friend (the little brother of the boy on Eli's team) and Jesse, so they were doing well and having fun.

Later the dad of the other little brother comes over with a bag of popcorn trying to be all serious and says, "Noah just gave this to J, and said, 'Here, you can finish the popcorn.'," and he tips the bag so I can see in it. There is an unpopped kernel and one that has split open but didn't pop. I laughed and said, "My boys are nothing if not generous!"

We all go to the same church so we help watch each other's "littles" at practices and games, like when one has to go to the bathroom, needs a diaper change (they have one about Jesse's age too) or runs off, that kind of thing. Which is nice because, generally, Tim is not with me and I can use an extra set of eyes from time to time.


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Kick stand. He, he, he.