Friday, September 11, 2009


Patriot Day is today. I can't really say "Happy Patriot Day," that just doesn't sound right.

But I will say thanks to all the military folks I know for protecting us and keeping us safe. We don't say thanks often enough!

I remember that day like it was last week and not eight years ago. Some things stay vivid in my mind: September 11, my wedding day, the births of my boys, my family's accident. Other things fade, but my memories remain of that fateful day eight years ago.

The grief I felt for those lost and who lost someone is still tight in my chest and throat. I'm still selfishly thankful it wasn't my family lost that day. But then again it was my family-my American family, and that's why I won't forget. That's why I take this day to remember and to teach my boys to honor those heros, both fallen and surviving.

We will not forget!

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