Monday, September 14, 2009

Dinner Discussions

We were eating dinner, with the TV on-I was wanting to hear the news of the weekend, when a commercial about hair replacement came on. I didn't think much of it since no one in our house would be in need of such things.

Then Eli says, "I need that."

"Need what?"

"That stuff to grow hair."

"Why would you need that?"

"Well, I want hair like Dad's."

"What do you mean?" I'm really confused by this point.

"In the back, like Dad."

"You have hair in the back. What do you mean?" It's not getting any clearer for me.

"By my ears. Like Dad." At this point he reaches up to his face and rubs in front of his ears.

"Oh, you mean like sideburns, like Dad has coming down?"

"Yeah, like Dad."

"Oh, well, you'll get those when you're bigger and old enough to shave."

"I will?"

"Yep, they just don't grow on boys."


Later I was relaying the conversation to Tim when Eli pipes in and says, "Well, I can just grow this hair long," rubbing behind his ear, "and then just pull it around." He's indicating he could grow the hair behind his ear long and then loop it over his ear so it will hang down like sideburns. I'm pretty liberal with their hair, but I draw the line there, I shot that down right away.

Besides, who knew sideburns were so cool?


Deanna said...

I'm laughing just thinking about how that would look if you let Eli follow through with his plan.

Janelle said...

I know, gross, huh?

Natalie said...

HAHAHA that is too funny. Daniel overheard one of those levitra commmercials one time and he said Mommy when I grow up I want..... Jeff and I both thought he was going to say ED but he goes BLOOD PRESSURE! Glad that was the part he caught on too lol