Thursday, October 22, 2009


Oh I have so many fun posts in the works, but with the sickness that has descended on our house I'm a little slow on the draw this week.

I woke up Sunday with a cold-not cool. Eli and Simon are fighting sore throats and I'm watching to make sure it doesn't turn into something more. Noah ended up with strep throat (or scarlet fever as my boys always seem to get the rash with strep) so we had a doctor visit and then a pharmacy visit for the anti-biotic. That was a fun evening. Picture four boys ages 1, 3, 5, 7 and mom all in a 8x10 room for an hour-the witching hour at that (5-6pm). I took stuff to occupy them, but it was way more fun to try to touch all the stuff in the exam room. No one earned any spanks so I count that a success.

Jesse seems to be doing okay and Eli is on the mend. Tim got over his sore throat over the weekend so we're hoping by this weekend we'll all be healthy again. I hope so. I'm running a 5k Saturday and I haven't run or anything all week, or last week either, I was fighting something different then.

I'm still thankful all of my boys are healthy, we just have the occassional virus, and that's okay, I'll take it!


Deanna said...

Sickness seems to befall our household each October. Maybe next year we'll just skip October and go right to November.

I hope you're all well this weekend!

Jessica said...

Yikes! I hope everyone feels better soon!!!!