Monday, October 26, 2009

Shaving it off

Well I just keep shaving time off my 5k runs. I ran another one on Saturday. This time it was a really close shave though! I only shaved 11 seconds off my time from the spring.

I was hoping for a minute or two but I was still having some trouble with deep breathing from my cold-which is still trying to hang on even today. Blasted cold! There's another 5k in town in early December so I'll see how I do for that one. Maybe that's where a minute or two will come off.

Being that it was 48 degrees and spitting rain I realized I have not yet acclimated my body to running in the cold yet this year. I was wearing gloves and four layers of shirts. Just before mile two the gloves came off and I didn't really get hot until after the race was over and I didn't have the air blowing on me.

In the end, I made progress towards my personal goals so I'm happy with the race!


Jessica said...

Great job!

Deanna said...

WAY TO GO! Celebrate those small victories--for it is with small steps that we make great strides.

Dan and Peg said...

Way to go! Celebrate each success,no matter how small. What race did you run and which is in Dec? I'm only walking the Ghost n'Goblin race in dayton tomorrow. Keep up the good work!