Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I just had to laugh when I thought of a 12 hour span at our house.

We are starting a yardscape (is that even a word?) improvement project. For this particular project Tim has had to take time off work (poor guy!) and dig with the tractor (oh how awful!). He's digging a trench for a footer for a rock wall we are building, and the wall is going to be curved and is on a hill-kind of like a retaining wall, so it hasn't been easy digging at all, but Tim enjoys a challenge and does pretty good job for not being a professional.

The boys love to watch him and try to help and play in the trenches and whatnot. They're boys, so we let them, it does a body good! Jesse was out with Tim when he was riding his three wheel motorcycle and apparently he tipped it over and fell in the trench. Tim didn't see him fall, but was afraid he was "broken" and rushed right to him. I came out as Tim was dusting Jesse off and it's a wonder he didn't really hurt himself-there were rocks that Tim had unearthed right there as well as some old pipe going through the trench that he could have landed on. But, by the watchful hand of our Lord, Jesse fell on the soft pile of dirt to the side and was fine other than being mad that he fell. That boy has a purpose in this world and God wants to make sure it gets done!

That night I got up to go to the bathroom and on my way back to bed I shut the bathroom door since we had a little heater going in our bedroom, just to break the chill. When I got up in the morning to go to the bathroom I still had my eyes shut-it was dark anyway, why bother opening them? And then CRACK! I ran into that door with my toe just enough to fully shut it before my forehead smacked it. Tim said, "Are you okay?" as he jumped out of bed and turned on the light. I moaned I was alright. But let me tell you, it's a solid wood door and it hurt! I think it's starting to bruise now, right in the middle of my forehead-awesome!

When it was time to get the boys up Noah was covering one eye and not wanting me to see it. I made him move his hand and under his left eye was all swollen and a little bit bruised. I couldn't recall him getting hurt the evening before and it wasn't there when he went to bed. I asked him what had happened. He had no idea.

By the time I picked him up from kindergarten it was turning into a full blown black eye. I asked him if he had figured out what happened to his eye. Apparently he was messing around after they went to bed and he hit his eye on the bed post of his bed. He must have it it pretty hard!

Then when I dropped him off at the sitter we were telling her the bumps and bruises of the last 12 hours when Noah chimed in to say that he had fallin into the trench too and landed on that pipe that Tim had dug up. He didn't know how to say it, but he racked himself. That had to hurt too!

Here's hoping the rest of the week is a little smoother!


Deanna said...

OUCH is right!! Yikes! You all need to take better care of yourselves around there.

Anonymous said...

Did Noah want to do it so you'd have matching bruizes Sunday at church? Partners in pain...

Anonymous said...

Bruiser, bruises, bruising... It didn't look right with a z. It wasn't. Do great things in your life, but do small things as well.
Spelling correctly is a small thing, but I'd like to do it well. May family's bruises not be severe or painful. Best wishes the improvement where "many hands make light work" goes well in this October without bruising!