Friday, October 09, 2009

Learning to Talk

Jesse is saying so many new words each day. Eli and I were talking about how Jesse's trying to say everything and Eli said, "It's like he learns a new word every day!" Indeed! More than one even.

Eli was practicing throwing a football and Jesse was pretty excited about watching him. He loves balls so I told him it was a football. He smiled and said, "Foot ball." Too fun, that one!

Jesse was looking at the coffeemaker and I told him what it was and his little face got all happy and he smiled and said the hard "ca" sound several times and then tried to get the rest of 'coffee' out, it was precious.

When Tim got home he brought in the mail. My package from FlyLady had arrived-I had ordered a new calendar, the grocery bags (which look awesome) and a timer. I got the timer out and put the battery in with Jesse watching me. I gave him the trash and said, "Here Jesse, put this in the trash." He took the trash and continued to watch me. Then he looked at me and said, "Tash?"

"Yes Jesse, put it in the trash." And he did. He's very helpful. Give him another year!

Then I set the timer to make sure I knew how it worked when Jesse reached for it. I set it for 5 seconds so it would go off for him. He took it and when it went off he tried pressing a few buttons to make it stop and when that didn't work, he held out his little hand in front of it and said, "Stop!" Which really comes out, "staaaa." When that didn't work he tried again. It was all I could do to not laugh at him, but I showed him which button turns it off. Then he proceeded to pretend it was a cell phone. Like he does with every remote, calculator, or any other thing with buttons.


Jodie said...

So Gabe=Jesse, right?? Because it sounds just like him. You could pretty much substitute Gabe's name in your post were you have Jesse and it would be true!
Mike and I were just talking about how many words Gabe is saying lately. He likes to repeat everything Vinny says and sometimes Cecilia.
I think it is so fun to hear them learning new words and seeing them enjoying helping out like a big kid!

Jessica said...

How precious! :)

denise1006 said...

ah football already eh? lol My boys love football we can have a game when i come up to visit. We've been working on words to spelling that is for Wyatt and trying to teach him out to say certain words like bacon wich he stills says macon. lol

Deanna said...

I'm sorry but wasn't he just born? It seems like it to me.

My girls were talking about Jesse at dinner tonight, remembering that now he knows how to walk--wait until they hear he's learning to talk!!

Yay for Jesse!!