Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thumb Sucker

Noah is our thumb sucker and at 5 1/2 we are ready for it to stop. Really ready. He has one loose tooth and I refuse to let him suck his thumb with permanent teeth. That's where I draw the line!

So I did some research and found a nail polish that, according to the reviews, works wonders. It came in the mail on Monday and last night I told him we were going to try it. He fussed some but I put it on. It's clear so no one knows he's wearing it.

Then a little later I notice he's picking at his thumbnail with his fingernail in an effort to take it off. He said it didn't taste bad and proceeded to put his thumb in his mouth so I knew he had picked it off. Before bed I had Tim coat his thumb again. He wasn't happy about that, mumbling something about it had been hard to get off and it tasted nasty.

Off to bed he went without too much fuss. He was trying to be all sly by putting his thumb in his mouth, on the roof of his mouth and his tongue wasn't touching his thumb. But how long could he keep that up? It was going to touch his tongue sooner or later!

I didn't hear anything from him so he either didn't suck his thumb or he toughed it out and sucked it anyway. However in the morning he was crying because he said he wasn't ready to stop sucking his thumb, he didn't want the stuff on, it tasted so bad......

I told him I was sorry he had to taste it, but that he wouldn't have to taste it if he kept his thumb out of his mouth.

We'll see how it goes!


Deanna said...

If it works, let me know. Charlotte is 4 1/2 and still sucking her thumb--and now Alex has a full-on thumbsucking habit. Drat!! Pacifiers were more a of a pain when they were super little but a much easier habit to break.

Good luck!

Peyton's said...

They had that stuff when I was a kid... I remember it quite well. ;)