Thursday, November 12, 2009


Remember when Noah woke up with a bump under his eye? No? Well he did, I even blogged about it here.

Turns out, one day that week was picture day at Noah's school. Here's what his eye looked like that day. I pre-determined that we'd skip picture day and hit up re-takes.

Good call, don't you think?

Well re-takes are coming up so I asked Noah what he wanted to wear. Eli will wear whatever he pulls out of his drawer first, but Noah puts some thought into things as well as he likes to be comfortable. Heaven help us if a shirt "doesn't feel right" one day!

"I want to wear a shirt with squares on it."
Squares? Like patches? Do we have anything like that?

"I don't want it buttoned up, like Dad wears."
Okay so a button up shirt. Like Dad? Hmm.

"And I want to wear a t-shirt under it so no one can see my belly."
Oh, he wants to wear a plaid shirt (you know, squares), open with a t-shirt under it. That we can do!


Deanna said...

That little bruiser loves his papa!!

Peyton's said...

Your such a good translator!