Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Specials-Interrupted

Earlier this week I had talked to the boys about watching some Christmas specials so they got ready for bed early so they could be ready at 8:00 to start the fun. Well, it turns out that was the day Obama decided to grace us with his presence on every network station. And we only have network TV.

I told the boys I heard he was going to be on TV and that I didn't know if we'd be able to watch the Christmas specials or not. We'd have to see if he was on every station and how long he talked. Noah asked if I thought he would talk a long time and I said, "Well, he does like to yackity-yack, so probably."

"Ah, man!" To play it safe they went ahead and got ready for bed early, just in case it was a short speech. I turned on the TV and all stations had Obama so they went off to play.

Then Tim's brother called to talk to Simon and ended up talking to Noah too. Here's what I heard from my side of the phone:
"We can't watch Charlie Brown because Barack Obama's on TV."
"My mom says," this is where I wonder if I need to keep my political opinions under wraps, "he just likes to talk a lot!" Shwew!

Obama was still speaking at 8:30 so off to bed they went with no Christmas specials. They were none too happy about that.

Then Thursday night Noah was getting out of the shower and he said, "Are there Christmas shows on today?"

"Yeah I think so, but it's bedtime now."

"I wish we could have watched Charlie Brown. Barack Obama just likes to chit chat. He just likes to be on TV all the time. I don't know why, we all already know what he looks like."



McBorn said...

I was miffed as well! Charlie Brown and Rudolf were not on this week. It really bugged me that those traditional Christmas shows were not on... especially after being advertised!

The long campaign ruined it for me. I had my fill of Obama by the time he was elected.

Deanna said...

We didn't see that they were going to be on but I've heard others complain about the preempting. Grrr! Sorry the boys missed out on that fun tradition.

I know that Rudolph is being shown again on channel 7 next Saturday (12/12) at 8pm.

I will forgo my thoughts about Obama.

Peyton's said...

I don't know when anything is on TV, so I wasn't aware of the special or Obama.

Jesse came out of the bathroom and asked why I was laughing, and started to tell him about your post, to which he didn't have time to listen, so I just read the last paragraph, so he could have a chuckle on the way to work as well.