Wednesday, December 02, 2009


We went to Tim's 15 year High School Reunion over the weekend. Not a stellar showing-partially due to invitations only went out on Facebook. Out of a class of 112 (we think) there were 16 that came and there were three from my class, that's what you get with a small school!

I always find it very interesting to see who comes and then who talks to who. Like people you didn't hang out with in high school can turn out to be a lot like you with lots in common and you end up talking with them, when you would have NEVER guessed that in a million years when you were in high school. It's funny how life has a way of growing us all up!

We had a nice time and look forward to a real reunion in five years. This one was more of a, if you're in town and want to grab a beer, head on over, kind of reunion. Which is fun, but I look forward to something a little more substantial next time around. Tim suggested that we plan it, and it may come to that, time will tell. We did have the 10 year at our house so it wouldn't be entirely unprecendented.


Deanna said...

Sounds like a good time. I agree about having more in common with people now what we're "grown ups".

I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. If you guys plan the next one, it's sure to be a hit!

Peyton's said...

I skip out of mine every time... can't believe that Tim had his 15 the same year I was invited to my 15th.

Kids were mean to me in school, I have no intention of ever seeing them again. The people I knew in college were totally different, and just this week I was able to find one of them on facebook.