Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Living Arrangements

Ah, but I have a good post today!

We had just gotten in the car to go home when Simon starts. "When I have a mom and she's growing babies, can I live in our house?"

I take a second to ponder--I'm his mom and I'm not growing any more babies so what's he talking about? Oh, he's in the stage where he calls a wife a mom. Right, I remember the other boys doing the same thing. "Do you mean when you're grown up and have a wife and she's having babies?"

"Yeah. Can I live in our house?"

"Sure. Do you want to live there with me and Dad or do you want to live there with your family and us live somewhere else?"

"You and Dad can live somewhere else. Like the hotel. And you can come and visit sometimes."

"We can probably do that. We'd like to come and visit you since we'd be living close." I was making an assumption that by hotel he meant the building we own.

Then Noah pipes in, "That's great Simon, we'll be neighbors! 'Cause Eli and I are going to live in the carriage house!"

[Our carriage house (barn) has an apartment in the upstairs that Eli and Noah have claimed as where they are going to live with their wives when they grow up. Maybe by then it'll have plumbing and electric.]

Simon laughed and said, "That will be fun!"

So I said, "What about Jesse? Where is he going to live?"

"We don't know yet," Noah replied. Then, "Maybe when he grows into a kid he can tell us."

"Yeah when he's my age, then he'll know," Simon added.

"Yeah, maybe when he's five like me then he'll know where he wants to live," Noah said.

"Or when he's three. Simon's three and he knows where he wants to live," I said.

"Yeah!" Simon and Noah both say.

I relayed the conversation to Tim and after he laughed and asked if it was going on the blog (of course!) he said, "We'll be the parents who have a bunch of 40 year old kids living with them. They already don't want to move out! We'll never get rid of them!" But apparently we're the ones who are moving out so I guess when we're tired of them, we don't wait for them to move, we just move.

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Deanna said...

That all seems totally logical to me! :)