Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I hate to write posts like these. Without a real story or purpose, but just to say we're hanging in there with school, Christmas preparations, holiday parties and the like. We haven't been super busy, but nothing spectacular has happened either. We've had some behavior issues, but I don't like to blog about that stuff~my blog is supposed to be things I want to remember.

Jesse's still working on his eye teeth. I wish he'd just break them through! He's going to have teeth issues like me and my dad's side of the family I fear. Tim and I will be proactive about it though so it shouldn't cause him issues down the line. I hope.

Noah's got a minor cold and Tim is fighting a sore throat like he always does this time of year. Eli, Simon, and I are all healthy. We're all doing well overall so I have no complaints.

Just trying to get everything squared away for Christmas, which is a challenge since if I'm not at work the boys are with me. I've done a lot of shopping on-line this year and that has been nice. I've also utilized e-bay and that has worked out well so far too. I'm still waiting on one package and as long as it comes before Christmas, we're good. The boys are all working on their Christmas crafts for their grandparents; I'm not sure why I started that tradition. It's a lot of work for the Mama!

Really, it's not about the presents though, is it? God sent us Jesus to save us and we live in a free country where we can worship him, so a very Merry Christmas it is indeed!

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Deanna said...

I'm glad things are well enough. It will always be a very CHRISTmas indeed when we celebrate it for the reason it was intended.