Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hair cut

I cut all of the boys hair and I ususally do them one right after the other and then send them up to Tim who is starting the shower. However, Tim is still working long hours and isn't home before the boys go to bed, so I'm on my own. I decided it was best to do them one at a time.

Simon's night:
I'm cutting his hair and he and Jesse are watching it fall (I feel like there will be a post later about Jesse, scissors, and hair, but how I pray not!) and Simon says, "Look there's brown hair." He's looking down at his arm covered in a bunch of little dark brown hair and says, "Now I look just like Dad!"

I leaned over to see what he was looking at and said, "You mean because you have brown hairs on your arms?"

"Yep, like Dad."

Too precious!

Then I made him take a shower even though he wanted a bath, but I told him it would be faster and then he could go play more. He's a good little shower taker so he didn't complain. When he was getting out he was standing on the rug and just before I wrapped his towel around him he said, laughing, "I'm soaking wet!"

I just laughed and helped him dry off. I love that little brown hair.

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Deanna said...

He certainly DOES look like Daddy. He's Tim's little Mini Me.