Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Training update

Well, my toe still hurts and I can't walk properly on it, so I've not run any since I hurt it. I'm starting to get nervous, but like my Grandma and my aunt told me, it's more important for my toe to heal properly than to start back training too soon and damage my knee or something because I'm running favoring my toe and stressing those other joints. And it's not like the race is really that important-just to me. I'm not in it to win it or anything.

My plan for now is to just see how long it take for my toe to heal. My grandma said that if it is broken it'll take about 6 weeks, she has personal experience in broken toes, she's a barefoot girl. Once my toe is healed, then I'll formulate a plan of training and goals for the race. At least I do have time for it to heal and still run the race, so that's a good thing.

My aunt suggested riding a stationary bike in the meantime to keep my legs and lungs ready to pick up on my training when I'm able. So, anyone have a stationary bike I can borrow for a couple of months? If it wasn't so snowy and icy and dark all the time I'd just ride outside. Such is winter!


Deanna said...

Yeah, I agree that it's best to let your toe heal completely than risk further injury. I'll send you an email about our exercise bike.

Peyton's said...

I have broken many toes many times (well, the little ones at least) and I am a barefoot girl too.