Saturday, January 02, 2010


We turned on the furnace for the first time today. We lasted as long as we could on just the wood stoves. But with highs in the teens this coming week and lows around zero, we just can't compete with that no matter how much wood we burn.

Oh, it's so nice for the whole house to be evenly warm. Someday I'll live like this all winter long. I dream of new windows, weatherstripping, caulk, and insulation. Maybe we should just move! Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

Hope you are all keeping warm. And Happy New Year!


Deanna said...

Wow, that's great that you lasted this long!! But I'm glad you're warm. Warm is important.

Peyton's said...

I cannot even begin to imagine what it would take to heat your house! I love the smell of burning wood, reminds me of home, since that is all we had growing up.

Have a terrific New Year!