Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tim's Birthday

Today is Tim's birthday. He's 35. He asked me this morning if I thought that seemed old.

In a sense, yes. 35 is not young, it is not a child or a college kid. And yet 35 is not old, nowhere near retirement, which is where old begins (in my mind at this point in my life). Not young nor old.

35 just IS.

A place where you have found a groove of adult life and yet know enough to not let life become routine and let it slip by you. An age to enjoy the fruits of your early year's labor, to enjoy watching your children grow and teach them things you can have in common. An age to still run and play and not be too sore the next day, an age to entertain guests, to enjoy both your children and parents. A time to just BE.

35 is not old, it's just right.

Happy Birthday Timmy!


Deanna said...

Happy birthday, Tim!

Peyton's said...

Happy Birthday Tim! This year Jesse turns 35 as well!