Friday, January 08, 2010


Jesse was climbing up on my chair and back down at dinner, after he was done eating. They were all pretty wound up, the snow I guess. The other boys were putting dishes away and still finishing dinner when Eli says, "I know what Jesse would be good at when he grows up."

I'm curious to see what he thinks, "What?"

"He would be a good crime fighter."

"Oh yeah? Why?"

"'Cause he would go up to the bad guys and say, 'Stop' and then just whack them on the head."

Noah started laughing and said, "Yeah, he'd push them and smack them!"

Then Eli said, "He's just go up to them and" at which point he takes his hand and grabs a fistfull of his own hair on the top of his head and yanks it and makes googley eyes and yells like a 'bad guy' in pain would yell and then just laughs.

Jesse has three older brothers and a mean streak, can you tell?


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Peyton's said...

At least he said crime fighter and not a boxer, or a criminal. Maybe he will a gym teacher/coach?!?

Anonymous said...

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