Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Dog

The boys always want a dog, but I refuse to be responsible for another living thing on a day to day basis. Not to mention I'm way too cheap to buy dog food all the time!

At Noah's school they do an end of the year program each year and this year it's about dogs. They asked us to send in a picture of the child with their dog. I wasn't sure what to do about that. They said it didn't have to be our dog thankfully, and so, Charlee, our sitter's dog, stepped up to the plate to have his picture taken with Noah. Maybe when they're big enough to feed and clean up after a dog and buy it's food, I'll go for it.

I do know they'll probably be mad when they all move out and the first thing we do is get a dog! But then I won't have four boys to feed and take care of, so we'll be able to afford a dog with our time and money.


Deanna said...

Cute dog. Even cuter boy. And I concur on all things dog.

Peyton's said...

yeah, we have recently thought about getting one too, but like you I am too cheep to deal with all the things it would need, and as long as we are in town, some one would have to poop-scoop, and I refuse that job. So, needless to say we don't have one.