Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day

Morning of Snow Day #6:

I see Eli wiggling under his covers so I sink down on his bed and rub his back. He, like me, likes to be prepared for the day so I give him the goods.

"We got a call last night, you guys are on a two hour delay."


"Then we got a call this morning, and you guys are cancelled again."

"No! I wish it was a two hour delay! I want to go to school!"

"I know buddy, but the roads must be pretty bad and they want to keep the children safe."

"But I want to go to school!"

"Well, Dad and I have to work so you all get to go to the sitters. I'll pack you some things to do so you don't get bored during naptime." [Read that as schoolwork!]

"I won't get bored."

"That's fine, but normally you'd be at school learning all day, so you can do some schoolwork to keep your skills up so you're ready to go when you do get to go back. Maybe tomorrow."

"I hope."


Deanna said...

Sarah was the same way. She came into our room this morning and whispered, "Mom, do I have school today?" When I replied, "Yep" she said, "YES!!!" She couldn't get out of my room fast enough to get dressed for school. HA!! She was really bummed last night when she realized today is Ash Wednesday and she might miss school.

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