Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Funk

Does anyone else get in a winter funk?

I do, it usually happens during February. I know it's a short month, but it's long enough into winter that it's really not all that fun anymore and yet it's far enough from spring that I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

And Real Estate taxes are due, and that's just such a chunk of money, whew. I tend to get stressed about money and where it all comes from and will there be enough? There always is, because God does provide for us, but I know that he expects me to be prudent with what he has given us and sometimes I fear that I haven't been prudent enough, and then what?

Also, I'm running a half marathon in two weeks and I haven't had any training runs since December when I broke my toe. That's adding just a little bit of stress. I know it doesn't matter whether I even do the race or not, but it's still adding to my funk.

But today is Friday with nothing really planned for the weekend, we're having a little carry-in brunch and baby shower for two people at work, the Olympics are on, the sun is shining, let me repeat that one, THE SUN IS SHINING. That just might do it right there folks! The foot of snow we have might melt, although it may not, my car thermometer said 10 this morning. But THE SUN IS SHINING!

I think maybe having identified my funk early on is helpful and hopefully it's gone for 2010. And the sun, the sun is key. So why do I live in Gray Skies, Midwest? Other than I was born here and found my love here? No clue.


Deanna said...

The sun is DEFINITELY beautiful today!! I don't really get the winter doldrums. I like the winter. I'm a homebody so being snowed in is right up my alley!

You'll do great at your race and just getting away will be great!!

McBorn said...

The days are getting longer, too! That is what I keep telling myself. Spring must be coming if the days are longer, right?

And good luck on the race!