Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Favorite quotes from my weekend in Florida:

As the airplane landed, a little girl sitting directly behind me was looking out the window and getting excited. I would guess she was about six. "Look Mommy! Look Mommy! There's no ice on the water!" After a pause, she says, "Look Mommy! Look! There's grass!" Everyone within earshot snickered, but we all felt the same way since we hadn't seen anything but snow in our yards for a month.


Getting off the plane my grandma and cousin were waiting there for the rest of us as they were in front of us one the plane. My grandma said to me, "Looking at you you'd never know you have four boys and a big husband. You look like one of the college girls."

"Thanks Grandma!"

On the Magical Express to the resort the driver was a hoot, and foreign. As we approached the entrance to Disney property he told all the children to close their eyes and then had them open them when we got to where you can see the arch that says Disney World. He was pretty excited, and indicating the large figures by the arch said, "Here we are! There's Mickey, Minnie, and Duckie!"

I busted out laughing and my aunt who has a dead-on Donald voice impersonation said, in her Donald voice, "What?!?"

My uncle had recently had surgery and was still on pain meds. As he was trying to explain something he got jumbled up and as an excuse for his mistake wanted to blame it on the meds and said, "It's this medifuhcation!" And oh how we all laughed!

The best of course is my finishers medal.

When I showed the boys my new medal I pulled out the old one too, and then I had to check on dinner. When I came back in they were running races in the hallway and awarding each other gold medals. I love those boys!

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Anonymous said...

Quite a display of shiny gold medals!! Proof that You are an honorable, well-deserving, gold-medal winner!!