Thursday, March 18, 2010

And so it begins

At dinner, Tim got up to get a glass (I had forgotten to get him and I glasses) when he got halfway to the cupboard he turned around and headed to fridge and pulled out a beer instead. I didn't think anything about it.

Eli, however, did. He said, "Parents are so weird!"

Tim and I look at each other and Tim says, "All parents or just us?"

"ALL parents."

Well, at least it's not just us. But Eli decides to elaborate. "You are walking to the cupboard and then you turn around a get a Bud Light." (It does bother me that he knows it's Bud Light somehow. Although he can read so it shouldn't; it somehow does.)

Tim and I think this is an odd thing to think your parents are weird about, but whatever I guess. Tim said to Eli, "Well don't you ever change your mind or make a mistake?"

Eli starts to snicker because he knows he's cornered and says with a sly smile, "No."

At this point Noah jumps in on the discussion and says, "Yeah, parents are so weird!"

Tim laughed and said, "Yeah, well maybe we think kids are weird! Like they wet their bed, suck their thumbs..." I jump in to add, "Yeah, they pick their noses, they cry every day."

Noah says, "I don't cry every day!"

I laugh and say, "Noah I bet you cry five times a day!"

Tim backs me on this one and says, "And whining is the same as crying, so yes, you do."

By this time Eli is in stitches and Noah too.

I'm sure this will not be the last time we hear the "Parents are so weird" comment.

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