Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where is it going?

With the passage of the "health-care" bill, you may wonder, where is it all going? Where do they go from here? What's their goal? We always hear of progress, but progress to what-where are we going?

One person who has helped me realize what I believe and has taught me a lot about history and our founding Fathers is Glenn Beck. I believe he's the real deal. He shows a lot of history and what can be learned from it and leaves you to make your own opinions.

If you don't listen to Glenn Beck's radio show, or watch his TV show on Fox News, or catch clips of it on the internet like I do (we don't have cable), then I suggest you watch this clip. It really hit home with me and tying in my Christian values and what is going on today. It's a 20 minute clip, and it's so worth your time. Please check it out.

Glenn Beck

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