Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The boys got out the chalk and started drawing on the driveway. Then they decided they were going to run races.

They made a 'Start' line.

And a finish line.

They all took off and there was a leader right away, with second place not far behind.
Third place was a ways back, but still in it.

Fourth place, of course, really dropped back, but put forth some serious effort.

The race was for three laps (as noted on the start and finish lines), which is actually pretty far, including the last stretch being uphill.
They are starting to feel it now!
Each racer finished strong from first to last place. Here's Eli coming in first.
Noah not far behind in second place.
A happy Simon coming in third.

Here's Jesse the final finisher (2 laps for him).

Maybe they will want to run with me as they get older. Who can know? That might be fun!

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Deanna said...

Good for those Baker boys and extra goodness for Jesse sticking with it!!