Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a Spring Day

It was nice out over the weekend so I left Tim and the boys at home and went to both grocery stores-alone. It only took me right around two hours, door to door, which is much better than it would have been with the boys in tow.

When I got back all of Simon's clothes were laying outside the side door. They were caked in mud and Simon was wearing new clothes and shoes. I asked Tim what happened to Simon.

Tim told me to look at the pictures on the camera. Here's what I found:

I felt bad for the little guy, but Tim couldn't stop laughing as he was telling me how mad Simon was that he fell in the mud. Obviously Tim had him stand there for pictures before getting him into clean clothes and that made Simon even more mad.
Someday Simon will think it's funny, just not this day!


Deanna said...

This might sound awful, but I'm laughing less about the mud and more about Simon's face. Poor guy!

Natalie said...

I agree with Deanna. However if that had been Daniel he would have been covered in mud on purpose. He was out playing this weekend and when he came in we had to put him in the tub bc he was covered in dirt. He had clumps of it in his hair.