Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I was at a church meeting last night and got the best compliment!

We were done with the meeting and walking out when one of the other ladies waited for me to catch up to her and said, "Do you run?" Then we talked about her running, my running, local races, where we run, our paces, how much we run, how often we run, just regular running stuff. As we were heading to our cars she said, "Well, I just thought I'd ask because you look like a runner."

Totally made my day. Look like a runner! HA! Hopefully she's not buttering me up to head up some committee or something!

Look like a runner.

Maybe I really am a runner.


McBorn said...

Your "running thing" didn't fade away after your first race... you stuck with it. I think that makes you a runner!

Anonymous said...

Webster says a runner is one who runs...With grace, compassion, beauty, strength, perseverance, persistance, and power You run. An example to follow, if we could catch up!