Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

Well, just because I don't have time to blog doesn't mean the blog fodder stops!

It's getting harder and harder to get the boys to bed on time with it staying light later so the other night it was right at nine when all the lights were out. It makes for longer afternoon naps though so the sitter appreciates it! Anyway, I was turning off lights downstairs so I could go upstairs to sit on my bed and fold clothes I had just taken out of the dryer. Whites-I need the bed to spread out and match socks. Oh, if I could pay someone to fold the whites! It was a few minutes after ten so the the boys had been in bed over an hour.

I heard little feet running down the front hall, that's not a good sign. It was Noah. "What are you doing up?"

"I think there's a snake in my room?"

"Really? Upstairs in your bedroom?"


"Okay, well, turn the light on and kill it."

He takes off and I follow him because, really? A snake? By the time I'm to the staircase Noah has his bedroom light on, by the time I'm to the top of the steps it's off. Maybe no snake?

I poked my head in his room, right beside Eli who is fast asleep and oblivious, and asked, "So was it a snake?"

"No, but it looked like it with the light off."

"Oh. What did you think was a snake?"

He scooted out of bed and went over to the far wall. He points, "That."

He's pointing to the wallpaper border that's up about four feet on the wall. The top of it is starting to pull away from the wall and it's rolling over making a somewhat snake-like shape.

I tried not to laugh and said, "You thought a snake was clear up there on your wall?"

"Well in the dark it looked like one."

"I'm sure glad it wasn't, good night!" as I left chuckling down the hall with my basket of whites.

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Deanna said...

Hey, don't knock that snake fear! I've imagined many an inanimate object as a snake and freaked myself out. I'd have gotten out of bed if I thought there was a weird snake on my wall, too. I'm with Noah on this one.