Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Spring is such a busy time of year! Not much time for blogging! Lots of playing outside, working in the flowerbeds, and doing projects.

I'm back to working on painting our porch since the weather is nice. Well, I'd like to be painting, we're still just priming. Will we ever get to the painting?? Right, only if I keep priming. I kept waiting for the painting fairy to come, but it never showed.

Eli and I did plant some flowers and some cilantro too. He was a pretty good little helper with hoeing and getting buckets of water and planting seeds. We're excited about the cilantro-that way we can make pico and guacamole whenever we want and I don't have to run to the grocery to get cilantro. Or "rock-a-mole-e" as Simon says. It fills me with joy every time he says it. My sweet brown-hair!

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