Friday, April 16, 2010


We have a big yard to mow so we have a big mower. A zero turn rider. But we also have a push mower for trimming, but it doesn't get used much really.

After our landscape project last fall we had to plant a bunch of new grass and it's doing well, but we feel the need to baby the new grass. Tim was mowing and I asked him if was going to mow the new grass. "Well, it needs to be mowed."
"Will turning on it tear it up?"
"Yeah, probably. It should really be push mowed."
"That makes sense."
"But I don't want to push mow. I hate push mowing."
"I know, I'll do it."

I tell Jesse I'm going to mow and he comes with me. He says, "Me, too." Then I pull out the push mower and he's looking at it quizzically. He's trying to climb on it to sit down. I'm laughing and I tell him he can't sit on it. He really just doesn't understand. Daddy's sitting on the other mower.

I add oil and gas and then head to the new grass. Eli is riding his bike and comes along with me. He beats around the bush a lot and doesn't just come out to say what he wants or feels, and I'm trying to help him be more direct. He starts out by saying, "I wonder how fast it goes?"
"The mower."
I started laughing, "It goes as fast as I push it."
"It's a push mower, you have to push it."
A little pause as we go along.
"I don't know why Dad is making me start mowing with the big mower."
"Because you wanted to mow the field."
"Maybe someday I can learn to do this mower."
We're at the new grass and I'm getting ready to fire it up. "Okay, so here's the choke, you push it in three times. See the three and the 'x', the x means times."
"Do I have to do it?"
"No, I'm just showing you."
"Didn't you just say you wanted to learn how to use this mower? I'm showing you so you can mow sometime."
"Oh, yeah."
"Then you hold this bar down here, and pull the cord. It would be hard for you to reach, which is part of why you've never done this. Then you pull the cord. You have to do it hard and fast for it to start." I pull, and nothing. Eli is still just watching. "I think this is the first time this season we've started it, it might not start easy and I'm not that strong." I pull several more times with no luck. Simon trys one time and then runs to get Tim for me. Tim starts it up on the first pull.

Sometimes I'm such a girl!

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