Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quick update

We had the "pukes" at our house last week. It got three out of four boys. They seem to attack during the night, unfortunately. And you know how with the pre-school set that ends up being lots of laundry. From PJs to comforters and everything in-between. At least when they are older they generally make it to the bathroom. It just makes for a lot of extra cleaning of germs too.

Thanks to the pukes we've been swamped in laundry. Tim didn't have to work yesterday, like we thought he would, so he didn't have specific plans and offered to help me with whatever I needed. Thus, he did laundry all day, and I mean all day. The washer was giving him an error message and when he looked it up it said that the motor was hot and needed to cool. That's a lot of loads of laundry my friends!

We also had a leak in the kitchen that dripped down onto the all the winter hats, gloves, and coats sitting in the basement so he washed all of those for me too. The man is golden!

I have some really fun posts coming up when I can catch a minute to do some pictures. Look for an Easter post, a kitchen facelift/remodel post, a DSL post, and we have a wedding coming up this weekend too. Spring is busy! And warm, and I love it all. Except for the pukes. I don't like that so much. Or at all. I don't like that at all.

But Spring, Spring is good!

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