Thursday, April 01, 2010

Another milestone

Another year, another milestone. Fourteen years.

Fourteen more years with my mom and my two sisters than could have been. And I'm thankful.

My boys know their Grandma and their aunts and love them to pieces. And I'm thankful.

I'm a sister-in-law and an aunt myself now. And I'm thankful.

I have a sister to talk with about raising up our boys. And I'm thankful.

I have a sister to talk photography with. And I'm thankful.

Here's hoping for many more milestones and many more years.

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Anonymous said...

Laugh, Love, and Live to the Best of my ability... I thankfully look forward to the next 14 wonderful years to read stories written like Laura Engles wrote hers...Blessed be this thankful Mother and Father of four sons who were the "host with the most" on Easter 2010!
Thank You! 'Twas a wonderful and blessed day!