Thursday, May 06, 2010

Favorite Color

Noah had an end of year kindergarten program, which, I won't bore you with the details of Tim working late and me keeping an eye on one boy on stage and three boys with me in an auditorium FULL of people and children, but the program was cute.

On to the real story: All the kindergarteners get a t-shirt to keep, and Noah's is a bright blue, almost an aqua kind of blue. He wore it to school the next day (next two days if I'm being honest). When I picked him up from school, I asked him about his day like I always do. Here is the converstation that ensued:

"Well, how was your day at school today?"
As we leave we see the all-day kindergarten students having recess. I notice that some of them are wearing their shirts. "Looks like some kids wore their new shirts today."
"Yeah, but not everybody, just some people."
I'm looking to see how many did wear them. "How many colors of shirts are there?"
"Blue, yellow and green. Lydia got yellow, she's the one I like, I got to stand by her. I'm glad I got blue, because blue is my favorite color. My favorite used to be green, but yuck! Now it's blue."
"Did you get to pick the color of shirt you got?"
"No, they just gave us one."
"It's nice you got blue then."
"Do you know why blue is my favorite color?"
Yes, I do, but that's not what I say, "Why is blue your favorite color?"
"My three favorite colors are red, white and blue."
"Those are the colors on our flag."
"Yes they are."
"And that's why they are my favorite."
"Good choice Noah!"

Oh, to raise Godly and patriotic boys.

I'm trying!

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