Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We've taken the side off of Jesse's crib so with a little step stool he can climb right in. I really didn't want to do it, but he kept climbing out of his crib anyway so I figured it was time. He's stayed in it longer than the other boys, they all got booted when a new baby came along, but alas, no new baby.

Jesse has done really well with his new found freedom, which I was both surprised and pleased about. Then came this week.

He got up in the night two different nights and crawled into bed with me. He had kicked his covers off and was cold so I let him warm up with me in our bed and then took him back to bed. I decided that was not something I was willing to continue so the next night he came in I put him back to bed without letting him in our bed. He got up again and I put him to bed again. He got up again and was heading downstairs, Tim put him back to bed. He got up again and was heading downstairs again, Tim put him to bed with a little swat. He got up AGAIN, and I put him back to bed with a "spanking spoon" swat.

He stayed put.

I thought we were in the clear.

The next night I put all the boys to bed and told Jesse he had to stay in bed or he would get spanked. A few minutes later I heard Simon making noises. I went back upstairs to check it out.

The room was totally dark so I was standing in the doorway waiting for my eyes to adjust. I didn't hear anything, so I wondered if I was imagined the whole thing. All was quiet in Jesse's bed. Then I hear a little movement in Simon's bed. Ah, so it was Simon making noise.

"Mom, Jesse's out of bed."

"He is? Where is he?"

"In my bed."

I punch on the light and sure enough Jesse is all snuggled down in Simon's bed, even under Simon's covers, complete with pacifier, blanket and a stuffed animal. I put him back to bed and spanked him for disobeying and getting out of bed.

Later, before I went to bed, I checked on Jesse and he was sound asleep in his own bed. I'm thinking we're getting there.

In the morning I went in their room to get them up and Jesse's bed was empty. My heart skipped a beat and I turned to Simon's bed; there were two little boy lumps. Jesse had abandoned his paci, blanket, and stuffed animals and was snuggled down in Simon's bed. As Simon started to wake up he realized Jesse was in with him and he slung his arm around Jesse.

Two peas those two!

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Deanna said...

I know it's annoying--we've been there. But how cute that must have been to see those litte cubs huddled together.