Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Party

We had a great time at our Memorial Day Party! It was beautiful weather, great food with lots of desserts! Tim and I love hosting parties~especially when we get to do the inviting and be the hosts!

We have already begun planning for next year; what we'll do the same and what we'll change. This year was really a learning year as we didn't know how many people to expect, and consequently how much they would eat and drink and what food would go over best. We felt it was better to have too much than not enough. And we had plenty! We're not ones to waste though so we have lots of leftover food in the freezer and I'm good with that!

We have a much better idea for next year, so mark your calendars! We'd like to add Bocce ball and horseshoes too. We'll see....

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Deanna said...

It's on our calendar for next year. We had a great time. We *almost* brought our bocce set but decided against it at the last minute.

I'm excited to hear what the ideas are for next year. :) :)

THANKS for a great time!