Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One small step...

I've been sitting Jesse on his little potty before bed for months now and he has NEVER gone. He's so smart and advanced with a lot of his thinking that I'm having a hard time understanding why he isn't getting it.

One morning he took his diaper off and Eli told him to sit on the potty and he peed. Once. I know he's not super old, but we've tried a lot of times! So once he's peed in his potty. Sometimes we sit him on the "big potty" but still nothing. Not even a drop.

He's to the point now where he'll go off and poop and then come and tell me that he's poopy and needs changed.

Last night he was done with his dinner and he was erasing pencil marks from the wall (a whole different story) when he came in doing a funky walk/run/dance saying, "Pooping! Pooping!" I said, "Well, come here and let me check." A quick check revealed no poop, but he was insistent. I said, "Okay, let's go change you." He ran off and instead of heading to the living room where I have a changing station, he turned a hard right towards the half bath and said, "Sit on potty!"


"Big potty." Fine, big potty it is. As I pulled his diaper off I was ready for it to be messy, but it was clean. I plopped him up on the toilet. He immediately started pooping. He got really excited and said, "Chock lit mil?"

"Yes, Jesse, you get chocolate milk! Great job buddy!"

"Chock lit mil. Chock lit mil!"

He practically jumped for the toilet paper so he could be done to get to the chocolate milk. After we washed hands we headed for the fridge. I opened the door to get the milk, and Jesse was right there by my side and pointed to the chocolate syrup, conveniently in the door, and said, "This?"

"Yes, now let's make chocolate milk!"

He was very pleased with the whole process. As was I. Maybe we are making some progress. That sure would be nice!

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Anonymous said...

Great job, Jesse! He knew right where to go and when to go there! Another accomplishment! Great job, Mom!!