Thursday, June 17, 2010

They're Out

Tim wanted to take Simon's stitches out. The first attempt no stitches came out and Simon was pale as a ghost and sick to his stomach, thinking he might throw up.

I had to leave for work and told Tim if he got them out to call me, otherwise I'd set up an appointment to take him to the doctor. I didn't intend to take them out!

About half an hour later my cell rang-it was Tim. I answered and it was quiet. Then a small voice said, "I got my stitches out." Simon was calling to report Tim got his stitches out, it didn't hurt, there was no blood and no bandaid.

Tim said the first time he tried to take them out Simon wanted to stand up, and we think that was the problem. He was too wiggly and then he got woozy. After I left for work Tim tried again with Simon laying down and said he was a little more agressive about it and they came right out. He said one was a little tight, but not bad, not a drop of blood.

That's a Daddy for you! It's looking good, but anytime Simon falls or gets hurt or cries and we all rush to him, the first thing he says is, "My chin isn't hurt!"

We all breathe a sigh of relief and then focus on the "wound" at hand.

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Anonymous said...

Growing up on a little farm, never having stitches, helping shell peas, snapping green beans to can at Grandma's house...Thank You Dad for taking Simon's stitches out! Dads are needed as much as Moms.