Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy Day

I think I may have had the busiest day ever.

7:30 Eli and I were at my work.
8:30 left to go to Wal-Mart to get Eli new soccer cleats (they didn't have any, neither did Kmart)
8:45 checked to see what time the sports store opens-not till 9:30, too late for today
9:00 drop Eli off at Soccer Camp
9:10 back to work
11:50 leave to pick Eli up from Soccer Camp
12:05 take Eli to the sitter
12:30 back towork lunch to eat my leftovers
3:45 leave work to pick up the boys
4:30 get the boys a snack
4:40 start dinner
4:45 take call that was not fun
5:20 eat dinner
5:45 leave to go to the sports store to get Eli soccer cleats and Simon the right size ball
6:10 leave the store to go to VBS
6:15 report to the VBS preschool area
6:30 head up craft time for the preschoolers
6:45 round up the VBS kids that need to run to Tennis practice
6:50 take 4 kids to Tennis
8:00 tell the Tennis coach it's 8:00 and I have to leave with my VBS kids
8:15 back to VBS and deposit the kids to their proper areas
8:35 round up my boys to try to get them home
8:45 head for home
9:35 all boys in bed with teeth brushed and clothes out for tomorrow
9:45 load of laundry in, ate a snack, fold a load, load and run dishwasher, sweep kitchen, talk to Tim a few minutes, put clothes in dryer, put clothes away
11:45 in bed, 6:30 comes early!

It doesn't look like all that much now that I write it down, but bear in mind except for work time I always have four boys with me, we're all running on little sleep, and Jesse is coming down with a cold and just wants me to hold him. He cried when I dropped him off at the VBS nursery, which is so sad and not his usual. And our house is hot, so hot. Everyone and everything is sticky, which just makes it feel like doing anything is a chore. We're not getting much relief at night either this week. But six more weeks and we should be in the clear as far as heat goes.

I love the summer!


Jessica said...

that is a very, very busy day! We have VBS next week and I am teaching a class (5th and 6th graders). I am only working 2 days next week, so hopefully my stress level won't get too high. :) Oh, and I'm driving around in the hot, sticky heat with no A/C in my car. YUCK!

Dan and Peg said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading it! You go girl!