Thursday, July 22, 2010


As the boys grow, their personality continues to come out. I love to see it develop. You can also see various influences in what they do. I took these pictures the day they made their tents, well, one of the days they made tents, in the living room.

Now I don't know where the big boys got these expressions, but they were both pretty into me taking a picture of them, and Noah had to see his right away to see what he looked like. Imagine back in the old days when you had to finish the roll of film and have it developed, just to see that you had blinked.

Here's Eli, all serious-what is this, a gang sign? Sign language? Where did he get it? I certainly can't know!

Then there's Noah, who was posing very specifically for this picture. I'm not sure if it's what he was going for or not, but he seemed happy with it.
I'm guessing some version of that will surface when he's trying to impress girls.

These boys make me smile and laugh (and drive me to the brink, but only cause there's so much I still need to teach them) and these two pictures will be in my photo bank of them for years to come!

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Deanna said...

Okay, I get Noah's "How YOU doin'?" face, but Eli's gang sign is new to me. A playa and a gangsta in the making!