Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tent City

Did you ever make tents in the living room as a kid? I know we did and it was so fun. I think it's something kids just love to do. Our boys use the whole stack of blankets-and we have a big stack because our house is cold in the winter.

They have various "homes" for the whole lot of them. I love to see their creations. Here is Simon, he's so proud of his little home. Pay no attention to the big brother posing in the background-who is he, James Bond?

I would like you to note that Simon couldn't get the blanket to stay over the two chairs, so he got his tools out and used pipe wrenches, tightened down, to hold it in place. Pretty smart!
Then there is Eli and Noah's, they incorporated the recliner, love seat, and various other chairs for their house. As a side note, Eli took his rest in there and fell right to sleep on the hardwood floor.

Here is the finished house that they will share.


Deanna said...

That looks like my living room! The girls are really into building houses, schools, tents, beaches, etc. They acutally MOVE the furniture to make it fit their needs. They're never too thrilled to move it all back when they're finished but it gets done...eventually.

Dan and Peg said...

I know this was a post about the tents and all, but I just couldn't get past Noah's pose! I'm still laughing!

Peyton's said...

We did that all the time too, it was fun and a good hide out!

McBorn said...

Making tents is the best! Noah's posing is cracking me up!