Friday, July 16, 2010


Tim and I rented a movie one Friday night, a scary one (Shutter Island) and there was a thunderstorm thrashing around outside. Perfect for that kind of movie. Tim and I were snuggled in on the couch.

Then we heard crying and footsteps upstairs. We quickly stopped the movie. Jesse rounded the corner and headed straight for me. He was crying and I asked him what was wrong. "Wake me up! Guns! Shooting. At. Me. Wake me up!"

I couldn't help it but laugh as I snuggled him and his blanket in to me. "No Jesse, there are no guns. No one is shooting. It's raining and you hear the thunder. The thunder woke you up. Do you hear the thunder? It's loud, but it can't hurt you. God made the thunder."


"Yes, the thunder woke you up. It's raining and there's thunder."

Crying again. "Shoot at me!"

A side note to say that our neighbor has a gun club come out and shoot every other weekend on his property, so Jesse's familiar with gunshots.

After a few more minutes of consoling we tucked him back into bed. It was a fierce storm so he got up again later, but went back to sleep just fine.

In the morning he revisited the scenario by telling us, "Wake me up."

"What woke you up Jesse?"

"Guns shooting. Shooting at me. Wake me up."

Repeat the same conversation about thunder....and again every time there's a thunderstorm for the next two weeks....there are a fair amount of thunder storms in the summer, have you ever noticed?

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