Friday, August 20, 2010

School supplies

We have all of our school supplies purchased, labeled, and in the bags ready to go. Eli needed composition books this year, two of them. It's going to be a rough year if those need to be filled up with writing!

When I got those, I didn't get the plain ones, I got "fun" ones. One has a christian fish on it and is blue, one is red with a cross on it-very skater looking. I showed them to Eli and he was excited about them and then as he was writing his name in them, he seemed to hesitate. He looked up and said, "Am I allowed to have this kind of stuff at school?"

Smooth as I could I said, "Of course you are! That's one of the main things about America is that you can do whatever God stuff you want. At your school a teacher can't teach the Bible, but if you want to talk about it or read it, you certainly can. That's what makes America great."

"Oh, okay," with his head down as he writes his name in the second book.

I'm sad that he has picked up so much on the anti-christian turn the country has taken that he felt like he had to ask. I'm glad he did ask and I could answer. It points out to me the need to continue to teach the boys what the founders wanted this country to be so we can head back there.

I'm on a real history kick and am currently reading The Five Thousand Year Leap, 28 Great Ideas That Changed the World by W. Cleon Skousen. It's an AWESOME book of the ideals behind the founders and I'm starting to work in some of those ideals in the things I teach the boys. When I'm done I think I'll do a book review of it because I'm sure I want all five of my readers to read it too!


McBorn said...

School supplies, I love it!!!

I am eagerly awaiting your review of any and all books you read. You could start something there!

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