Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simon and Soccer

Simon has started soccer practices. He's doing really well. He has good power and decent control. True to his nature he's struggling with relaxing and having a good time and making friends, but it will come.

He specifically struggled with the drill where a parent holds out the ball and they run into it with their chest, let it drop, and then kick it into the goal. He refused to do it at his first practice with our nephew as well as this last time with me. Then I pulled him aside and took his ball and rolled it down his body and showed him what would happen. I put his ball back in the mix and when it came up the dad holding his ball called to him and I looked at him and pointed for him to go. He hesitated, but ran through the drill. All the parents helping made a big deal of it, and there was no looking back.

He's a perfectionist with wanting the ball just so before kicking it. I think he and I will work on that during Eli's practice. Simon has practice once a week and Eli has it twice a week so we have plenty of time to practice on our own during Eli's practices.

Simon's doing really well over all. He's a lot like Tim so it makes sense he would be good at soccer too.

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