Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Tim was home in the evening for a change-he always works so late! So I got to take Simon to soccer practice, just me and him. With no other brothers playing and "watching" Jesse. It was a relief.

On the way home Simon says, and bear in mind here that if Simon were a Seinfeld character he would be the 'lowtalker' so you're not always sure what he's saying, "Boogers are like doors, right Mom?"

Huh? "Boogers? Did you say 'boogers' Simon?"

"Yeah, boogers. They can be like doors, right?"

I have no idea about this one, "Boogers can be like doors?"

"Yeah because the boogers can shut your nose like a door."

Indeed. "Yes, I guess boogers can be like a door Simon, I'd never thought of that before."

Guess you can tell we are all struggling a little with allergies and stuffy noses this time of year.

Quite an analogy for a four year old, wouldn't you say? He must be a genius!

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