Friday, September 03, 2010

Dinner Discussions

Sitting at dinner, just the boys and I, we somehow got on the topic of jewelry. I don't know which rabbit hole we had entered, so who knows how we got there. Eli has been into jewelry for a long time. Tim and I really enjoy jewelry so it's no surprise. The conversation that followed was this:

"Was the ring I had before a blue diamond?" Eli asked me.

"No it wasn't, it was just blue. Diamonds are clear," I replied.


"See," I say showing him my engagement and wedding rings. There are little diamonds in the bands.

Then Simon says, "I want to see." Then Noah says, "Let me see too." Then Jesse pipes in, "Me see too!" So they all look at my rings.

Then Noah says, "Is that real gold?"

"Yes, it is real gold."

"Oh!" They all say almost in unison.

Then Eli asks, "Well what is it if it's not real gold?"

"Well, it's just regular metal that they color a gold color."

He's interested so he continues, "But yours is gold?"

"Yes, my jewelry is real. Real gold, real diamonds. See, my earrings have little diamonds too." This is all getting very technical.

Eli is figuring it all out. "Oh, I see. So we have a lot of money?"

I see where his thought process is going. "No, we don't. We traded our money for my jewelry. My jewelry is worth money, but the store has the money now."

I can see the wheels turning in his head reasoning through it. Then he says, "I wish I had a ring just like the one I used to have."

"Well, maybe we'll try again." One year he really wanted a ring so we got him one (a pretty nice one for a four year old) and he wore it to church and lost it and no one returned it, although we tried pretty hard to find it. It made us pretty sad.

Here he is on Christmas Day 2006 showing it off.
Sort of looks the same four years later doesn't he?

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