Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Serious Problem

Sometimes when "lights out" runs a little behind, I sit up in the little boys room and either rock Jesse or just sit there. A mother's presence does wonders for keeping little boys quiet and in their beds, thus facilitating falling asleep faster. Such was the case.

After Jesse fell asleep in my lap I laid him down, kissed Simon, and then went in to the big boys room. I walked right between their beds so I could kiss them both when Eli says, "Who is that?"


"Oh!" He starts to sit up and says, "Mom, I have a serious problem."

My interest is piqued, but I'm not overly concerned, "What's your problem?" I try to kiss Noah, but he's fast asleep-first grade takes a lot out of a boy!

"I hate my hair!"

I busted out laughing-but silently, after all it was a serious problem. "Why?"

"It gets my pillow all wet and then I have to sleep on a wet pillow. I hate it!"

"Oh. Well, here. Flip your pillow over, now it's dry. I do that so I don't have to sleep on a wet pillow, I don't like that either."

"Don't we have a hair dryer?"

As I'm feeling his hair, "Yes we do, but your hair is almost dry. I'll get the hair dryer out so you can dry it after you shower, but not right now. Right now you need to go to sleep"

"Uuhh! But it's wet!"

"It's almost dry. I'll get it out for you so you can dry your hair after your showers from now on, just go to sleep now."

I can't imagine what it would be like to have girls!