Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Mom is Excellent

I got some books for the boys at the library that are each at their reading level. I saw one for Noah that I just couldn't pass up. It is titled "My Mom is Excellent."

I told him about it and he was a good sport and wanted to read it. He read it pretty well, some of the words were big, like excellent, but he did well. He even said something to the tune of the book was true for him too, then flashed a dimple, that kind of thing.

The next night Eli was reading aloud to me at bedtime so I sent Noah to read with Tim, and I sent the book "My Mom is Excellent" for him to read to Tim.

Tim reported back to me with this story:
Noah walked in with the book and said, "This book is called 'My Mom is Excellent' but," and he leans in and lowers his voice, "my mom can't do all this stuff."

That boy tells it like it is, just like his mama!

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Peyton's said...

Awesome... and someday they might learn what all you can do!